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History and magical places

Around us, the Canavese is an ancient territory rich in history. Follow with us the main stages of its history and visit the magical places and the ruins of ancient ruins to discover a place that is yet to be discovered.

The Gaglianigo Castle

The Gaglianico Castle (25 km away) One of the best preserved landmarks of the Biella, its distinct quadrilateral structure, [...]

Ricetto di Candelo

Made up of around 200 buildings known as cellule, the or cells, the Ricetto of Candelo is a type [...]

The Malpenga

La Malpenga ( 32 km away) Nowadays administered by the FAI, the Italian Environment Fund, this historic manor house [...]

Bard Fort

Bard Fort ( 40 km away) Built by the House of Savoy, this spectacular early 19th century fortress sits [...]

Venaria Reale

This monumental estate has a surface area of 80,000 square meters, with 50 hectares of garden and a further [...]

Bollengo History

Bollengo, along the 1700km of the fascinating Via Francigena from the Canterbury cathedral in Rome, is located in the Canavese [...]

The Nature

Refuge of the Asinelli

R 22/5000 efuge of the Asinelli (14 km away) A perfect trip for families, this non-profit association is dedicated to [...]

Candia Lake Natural Park

C andia Lake Natural Park (20 Km away) In addition to the lake, the park hosts other wetlands of [...]

Piemont’s Morenic Amphitheatre

Dating back to the Quaternary Period, this immense amphitheater was created throughout Earth’s glacial periods from the icebergs that [...]

Burcina Park

(30 Km away) A historic park situated on the Brik Burcina a gentle hill near the Biella Alps. It [...]


(40 km away) A dozen small villages within a pristine mountain environment, where the crops grown are personal use [...]

Oasi Zegna

(60 km away) A naturalistic area in the province of Biella, whose roots date back to the 1930s when [...]

Viverone Lake

Viverone Lake (10 km away) A lake of glacial origins, Viverone Lake is a part of the morenic amphitheater in [...]


Typical Canavese Products

Fruits and Vegetables The hilly areas of the Alto Canavese are renowned for their quality fruit production, especially that [...]

Canavese Cusin

As often happens in Piedmont, appetizers are usually very important, usually a either medley of eggs, stuffed vegetables, boiled [...]

Reccomended Restaurants

Ristorante Gardenia – Mariangela Susigan, collects in Valchiusella over fifty wild herbs in dishes of great taste and aesthetic. [...]


The via Francigena

V ia Francigena (starting point 15 km away) – This road takes the same paths as medieval pilgrims who [...]

Across the Biellese

Grande Traversata of Biellese – This 234km road is about halfway up the mountain and allows one to cross [...]