Made up of around 200 buildings known as cellule, the or cells, the Ricetto of Candelo is a type of medieval architecture of the city of Candelo. The Ricetto is the fortress which protected its lord’s assets, such as fodder, wines and foodstuffs. On occasion, the fortress also protected the population itself in the case of attacks from outside forces. The Ricetto of Candelo is one of the most well- preserved examples of this type of medieval architecture, which is prevalent in different places within both the Piedmont and Central Europe. The Ricetto possesses a panoramic view over the region of the Pre-Alps of Biellesi, and Baraggione, It is interesting to note that the cite has also been the cite to several film and television series, such as The Betrothed from the Lopez-Marchesini-Solenghi trio, and Dracula 3D.


Foto Di Mostacchi.Angelo – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0,