Grande Traversata of Biellese – This 234km road is about halfway up the mountain and allows one to cross the entire province. It can be taken from Oropa, where it overlaps with the Grande Traversata of the Alps. Discernable by a series of yellow markers, it is divided into 57 short stops with accommodation facilities available throughout.


Alta Vita delle Alpi Biellesi

It can be taken from Piedicavallo and it unfurls for 40 km on the ridge between Biella and Valle d’Aosta. An impervious itinerary in a wild environment, it is a 5 day-journey with overnight stays in accommodation allowed under reservation. This magnificent panorama faces towards main heights of the Alps (and with particularly excellent views on the nearby Rosa group). The partially expert mountaineering features on exposed terrain and require at least basic knowledge of rock climbing techniques. Few stretches have been well-equipped and the paths are little more than traces.

The overall difficulty of the stages is constantly estimated in EEA (expertly equipped excursionists only). Those who intends to cover the trek must be equipped with the Via Ferrata approved equipment. The itinerary can only be covered between July and September, with special attention to weather taken in order to avoid thunderstorms.


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