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Many places to discover

Thanks to its unique position, from our B & B in Bollengo you can start discovering
of many magical places in the Canavese area and its surroundings

Historical Carnival of Ivrea

H istorical Carnival of Ivrea (a 6 km) - The Battle of the Oranges ... is fought every year on the occasion of the Historical Carnival of Ivrea, the oldest [...]

The Gaglianigo Castle

The Gaglianico Castle (25 km away) One of the best preserved landmarks of the Biella, its distinct quadrilateral structure, double moat, and classic Italian greenery make it a unique [...]

Ricetto di Candelo

Made up of around 200 buildings known as cellule, the or cells, the Ricetto of Candelo is a type of medieval architecture of the city of Candelo. The Ricetto [...]

The Malpenga

La Malpenga ( 32 km away) Nowadays administered by the FAI, the Italian Environment Fund, this historic manor house known as a dimora patrizia was built in the second [...]

Sacro Monte and Sactuary of Oropa

Sacro Monte and Sactuary of Oropa (40 km away) Originally founded by Saint Eusebio in the 4th Century in the amphitheatre of the Biella Alps, this devotional structure is [...]

Bard Fort

Bard Fort ( 40 km away) Built by the House of Savoy, this spectacular early 19th century fortress sits high above the mouth of the Aosta Valley and overlooks [...]

Venaria Reale

This monumental estate has a surface area of 80,000 square meters, with 50 hectares of garden and a further 3,000 hectares that make up the La Mandria Park. The [...]

Ancient pedestrian street of the Tabernacles

A Ancient pedestrian street of the Tabernacles (starting point 30 km away) Starting from Valperga, this beautiful one-hour hiking trek is also known as the Pilgrim Route. It ascends between [...]