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the nature of Canavese, a unique discovery

Refuge of the Asinelli

R 22/5000 efuge of the Asinelli (14 km away) A perfect trip for families, this non-profit association is dedicated to protect donkeys, mules, and bards; animals which are often the [...]

Candia Lake Natural Park

C andia Lake Natural Park (20 Km away) In addition to the lake, the park hosts other wetlands of natural value: the Palude, swamps, are special protected areas with [...]

Piemont’s Morenic Amphitheatre

Dating back to the Quaternary Period, this immense amphitheater was created throughout Earth’s glacial periods from the icebergs that ran from the valley of the Dora Baltea River. These [...]

Burcina Park

(30 Km away) A historic park situated on the Brik Burcina a gentle hill near the Biella Alps. It originated from the mid-19th Century, where Giovanni Piacenza began to [...]


(40 km away) A dozen small villages within a pristine mountain environment, where the crops grown are personal use and animal breeding allows for an elusive natural cycle of [...]

Oasi Zegna

(60 km away) A naturalistic area in the province of Biella, whose roots date back to the 1930s when the textile entrepreneur Ermenegildo Zegna, the founder of the Zegna [...]

Viverone Lake

Viverone Lake (10 km away) A lake of glacial origins, Viverone Lake is a part of the morenic amphitheater in Ivrea. It is an open lake that is fed by [...]