Skiing, snowshoes and cross-country skiing

Locana (50 km away)

An artificially snowy area of the Carello Alps in the Gran Paradiso region, stand among breathtaking peaks and enjoy some of the most beautiful downhill slopes of the Valle Orco. The facilities are even illuminated at night, and the wide spaces and easy slopes guarantee fun with bobs, dinghies and sleds.

Oropa (50 Km away)

The cable car starts from the square behind the New Basilica and arrives at Monte Mucrone and also at the Busancano slope. Furthermore, from the cable car you can directly access the Savoy refuge. (015 8495131).

With snowshoes of cross-country skis: in 10 minutes you arrive at the Rosazza refuge (015 590461 – 347 8601106) and in an hour you arrive at the Renata hut at Monte Camino (015 20437 – 28444).

Valprato Soana ( 60 km away) This ski station is at the gates of the Gran Paradiso National Park in the Soana Valley. The station is equipped with artificial snow cannons that guarantee excellent snow conditions throughout the season and the slopes are illuminated that allows for night skiing.

Ceresole Reale ( 70 km away) This cross-country ski station is in the Gran Paradiso National Park, which slopes into the Orc Valley. The Cross-Country Center in Lilla has a track to the lake which is operational even at night, and there is also an ice-rink facility. Ski lifts in Chiappili Inferiore and downhill slopes are also equipped with artificial snow systems, and trampolines for snow board lovers are provided. Suggestive itineraries from skiing to hiking, snowshoeing and glacier climbing in are also offered in Località Prascalaio

Foto : Tipica pista da sci By Root5.5 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons