Ristorante Gardenia – Mariangela Susigan, collects in Valchiusella over fifty wild herbs in dishes of great taste and aesthetic.

To Caluso www.gardeniacaluso.com

Ristorante Berta – Using a fire-wood oven that is over 200 years old, this restaurant creates traditional dishes with a modern touch.

To Pertusio www.ristoranteberta.it

Ristorante La Credenza – A gastronomic journey that goes beyond the region.

To San Maurizio Canavese www.ristorantelacredenza.it

Trattoria Al Girasol – a typical trattoria with tradition at its heart, this restaurant offers classics such as bagna caoda, tonno di coniglio, and bolliti.

To Barone Canavese. www.algirasoltrattoria-baronecanavese.it

Trattoria Al Ramo Verde – The best that the Canavese has to offer: dishes such as courgette flower ricotta and row meat cut with knife. Their spring menu offers pea linguini. Classic regional dishes such as agnolotti del plin and veal cheek in a red wine sauce with mashed potatoes. Unmissable.

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